I hold the B. Schade Brewing Co solely responsible for my addiction to this hobby of collecting and selling breweriana.  Its that "treasure hunt" rush with hopes that someday you will find that piece or pieces that have eluded you.  For me, Brian Schade, (unfortunately no relation to the brewery family or none that I know of anyway) my "treasure hunt" is finding items from this brewery.  I felt the least I could do was create this page to share the information that I have gathered about this brewery.
Throughout this page, you will find photos of breweriana from this brewery and photos of the brewery itself along with its workers.  In addition, I have found some great ads and articles from the early 1900's in two local newspapers from the Spokane area, the The Spokesman Review and the Spokane Daily Chronicle.  The Vintage photos are courtesy of the Spokane Public Library.
If you have some information to add, photos to share, or items for sale from this brewery, please contact me by e-mailing  I would love to hear from you!  Prost!
The B. Schade brewing company came into existance back in 1903.  Bernhardt Schade, the founder and owner,  decided to leave his job as the head brewmaster at New York Brewery, also located in Spokane, to build his own brewery on the corner of Sheridan and Front Streets. (Now Trent St.)  It was the largest brewery in the area with a capacity of approximately 40,000 bbls a year.  This was more than other "in town" rivals such as New York, Spokane Brewery, and Inland Brewery. 
Beer brewing operations began in 1904 and continued through 1915. 
Brewing beer thrived in Spokane up until 1916 when the state of Washington passed the prohibition law several years before many other states in the country.  The B. Schade Brewing Co. starting brewing near beer and soda in January of 1916.
Prohibition lasted until 1933 but the B. Schade Brewing Co and its owner did not survive it.  The brewery shut down its operations and Bernhardt Schade passed away in 1921.
When prohibition did finally end, the brewery was purchased by the Golden Age Brewing Co.
Out of all the many breweries that Spokane had in the past, the B. Schade Brewing building is the only one that still stands.  It now houses an antique shop and other small businesses and is a historical landmark in Spokane.  It is located at 528 Trent St. Spokane, WA.

The brewery workforce.  Photo taken app 1909.

The man himself.  Bernhardt Schade.






I am fortunate to have both trays (that I am aware of) in my collection.  The one at the top of the page is much, much harder to find. Nice picture of the brewey to the left.  The brewery still stands in Spokane!






There are two glasses that I am aware of.  The one above with the red lettering and the other more common one with the white lettering.



Above is a picture of the Schade Bottling Works, built some time after the start of the brewery.  I would love to own one of those kegs or cases from the old brewery!  The the left is an ad that posted in the Spokane Daily Chronicle on August 30th, 1906




























One of the earliest advertisments that I found.  This was posted in The Spokesman Review on March 2nd, 1904.  This was the year the brewery opened.  In the later ads, like ones shown below, they show "Schade" with the cursive script.












This article to the left was from October 1st, 1906.  Shortly after the brewery opened there were big expansions.

One year later, October 8th, 1907 Bernhardt was expanding again.  Back then, a second story addition cost $28K.

I have to get one of those wooden cases for my collection!!!

Left:  Ad from September 15th, 1906 from a local distributor.  You gotta love the nickname "The Liquor Man."

Right:  Another photo with the brewery in the background.  Those are some rough waters

Right Lower:  A nice looking nutcracker advertising Schade Beer on the handle.  You will also find a dinner knife that's out there with Schade Beer on the blade.  This one if from my collection.





The younger man in the middle is Henry Mraz, the bookkepper of the brewery.  The man to his left, in the hat, is Wenzel Mraz, the brewmaster.



































They'll say anything to sell beer!  This was an ad from July, 16th 1904.  They had to be referencing Germany as one of those countries where the national beverage is beer.






A rare photograph of the inside of the Schade Brewing Co in the early 1900's.



Not all was easy for the B. Schade Brewing Co in the summer of 1908.  Here are four articles showing some the conflicts they had with local unions.  From left to right:  July 15th, 1908; August 17th, 1908; August 4th 1908 and July 3rd 1908.



























Great pic showing the Schade family enjoying what else.......Schade Beer.  From left to right: Bernhardt's father Julius Schade, Bernhardt, Frederick Schade (future 6th district representative) and the brewmaster Wenzel Mraz who was Bernhardt's brother-in-law.  If only I could see those lithos on the wall!!!!!!


















Left:  Nice pics of original Schade Brewing Co Bottles. These are from my personal collection. All four are different and three have the original caps and beer in them!

Right and Below:  A series of ads from July and September 1912.





















Certianly not as displayable or big as a tray or sign, but this is one of my favorite pieces in my collection.


The article to the left talks about the worker dropping a keg on his foot.  Right next to it, an ad about ridding yourself of drinking.

Right:  This article posted December 31st, 1915.  Prohibition started in the state of Washington in 1916.