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© 2011.  All pictures are the property of Brian Schade and Vintage Beer Collectibles. 

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Prosit!  My name is Brian Schade and I am the owner of Vintage Beer Collectibles.  In addition to selling breweriana, I am also a collector specializing in beer trays.

It all started back in 1995, when I was working for the Stroh Brewing Co. at their Fogelsville, PA brewery that was located just outside Allentown.  I started dating this lovely woman (now my lovely wife) who's parents were really into antiques and going to auctions.  One of the auctions they took me to had beer trays for sale. The very first beer tray I bought was on that night and it was a very clean Schmidt's beer tray that I paid $6.00 for.  I remember thinking how cool they were and I had to know more about beer stuff.

I found Haydock's first book at the book store and was thrilled to see all that great breweriana with the spectacular artwork.  In their book, I saw a beer tray that was from the B. Schade Brewing Co. out of Spokane, WA.  I couldn't believe it.  SCHADE!  B.SCHADE, no less!  I had to have that tray!  That's how the addiction started.  While I no longer have that Schmidt's tray that started it all, I do have that B. Schade beer tray I coveted.

At that time, I was mostly buying and selling on eBay, but was intrigued by web design.  I attempted and created my first website called "Brian's Breweriana." It wasn't much, by any means, but overall it was fun to make and manage.

I sold off an absolutely wonderful collection in 1999-2000 and pretty much got out of the breweriana business, moving across the country with my job and spending time with the family.  I started collecting again in the spring of 2011 and created Vintage Beer Collectibles.  I now live outside Indianapolis with my wife and five daughters.

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Brian Schade

Fortville, IN 46040

If you have pics of beer items and want to share them, you can send via email or text.


Text: 317.692.9081

Thank You!

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I have been buying all types of breweriana and beer related items for over 25 years.

Do you have beer signs, trays, taps, cans, bottles and/or other miscellaneous beer items that are you looking to sell?  VBC is currently buying single items as well as entire collections. In addition to buying items outright, you can also consign your items on my site for a small fee.

Contact me at if you have items for sale or if you would like to inquire about consigning with VBC.  You can include pics to the email or text them at 317.692.9081

I look forward to hearing from you!


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NABA - National Association of Brewerina Advertising - PROUD NABA MEMBER

HISTORY OF B. SCHADE BREWING CO.  - Page dedicated to this old Spokane, WA Brewery

BREWERY GEMS - Nice website that shares the history of some western breweries

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© 2011.  All pictures and content are the property of Brian Schade and Vintage Beer Collectibles. 

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