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Back in 2013, Vintage Beer Collectibles was contacted and was fortunate enough to purchase a single person's collection of breweriana that included mostly trays, along with some tip trays and signs.  Below are pictures of this amazing collection that I wanted to share as a reference of great beer items.  Most of these items were sold on VBC at the end of 2013, through 2014.  A handful of the items ended up in my collection as well as a friend's collection who assisted in the purchase.  The two of us often reflect back on the opportunity and simply refer to it as "The Collection".  Over 800 pieces in total.

While it required a ton of hard work and dedication, all in all, it was a fantastic experience.  As one buyer told me when the site became "live" with all the items........"Man, you are going to make a lot of collectors, very, very happy!"  I sincerely hope that was the case.

My friend, Mark Rogers, aka The Trayman, has had access to these photos for the Trayman 2.0 site, so many may look very familiar.  Enjoy the photos and let me know if you have any questions.


© 2011.  All pictures and content are the property of Brian Schade and Vintage Beer Collectibles. 

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